Friday, August 9, 2013

Ready to Launch 2013-2014 School Year!

Here we go! Another start to a new school year, my seventeenth year to be exact! My, how the time flies! Here are some pictures of my "Space/ Robot" themed classroom. Turquoise and Lime Green are my main classroom colors-perfect for space!
Front Bulletin Board:
"Robot Wall of Fame"
"Out On Patrol"-Students write classroom number on this dry/ erase poster when going out of the room.
Back Bulletin Board (Track Center Rotations, "Space Stations" and "Systems Check" Student Self-Assessment Board) I found this giant robot guy at the dollar store-love it!
Computer Area, "Mission Control"
Plenty of space to read!
Lost and Found:
"Astronaut of the Week" special seat
Robot Rewards (Lil robot reward paper slips inside for students that demonstrate "To Infinity and Beyond" behavior-My husband decked out this little trash can for me, robot style! How cute!)
Back to the front of the room!
Open House pics will be posted soon! Happy Back-To-School to all! :)

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