Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Robot Recall: First Grade Addition and Subtraction Math Facts Activity

What a fun way to master first grade addition and subtraction math facts! "Robot Recall" individually tracks each student's progress of mastering addition and subtraction math facts. This activity is aligned with the First Grade Math Common Core Standards 1.OA.6., and includes learning targets.
Students are given timed math tests, starting with addition. Each time they pass a test, they earn a part for their Robot. Here is my teacher example of what the finished robot looks like.
Here is an example of a student's robot in progress.
Individual student tracker folders (with student robot inside) are great visuals to where students are now and where they are going.
A parent letter which explains "Robot Recall" can be sent home at the start of this activity.
Teacher Tracker pages are also included in tracking student progress on these math fluency tests.
"Build A Bot" Display posters and parts are included...
Robot Recall System Check slips make for a quick and easy glance at student progress...
This product is available at my TPT Store: Tiny Treasures by Teacher Tava