Sunday, August 11, 2013

Open House 2013!

Our Open House 2013 was a success! How about some pictures from the big night! I always greet my new first graders and their families at the classroom door, but boy does the time fly by! It is such a fast-paced evening with parents and students walking in, touring the classroom, filling out paperwork, etc.! I gave each student a special bottle of "ROBOT LIQUID BOOST"-These turned out so cute and were so easy to make! Students also were able to decorate front covers of their Take-Home folders.
For our Hallway Display, I placed 5 mini posters with QR codes to scan to "Meet The Teacher." Each parent was given an agenda for the evening with this display station on their list.
"Repair For A Great Year....What will be your favorite part?" This display is all ready for some student work to be displayed (I used decorative ribbon to wrap across each student background display page, then used hot glue to attach a clothespin and star).
Also in the hall is this cute, "First Grade Photo Spot" display. Each teacher created a special photo square decorated with the theme of the classroom-Here's mine, robots and space! Students had a blast getting their pictures taken here!
Hope you all have wonderful Open Houses!

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  1. I love all of your Open House items! And I love your robot liquid boost! Too cute!

    Rowdy in First Grade