Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hooked on Supplies!

Supplies, supplies, supplies! In our classroom, we have some "community" supplies that are shared and also individual student supplies that are kept in bags. We call our shared supplies "tool boxes." We call our individual supplies, "tool bags." Well, my genius husband came up with a solution for our individual student tool bags! Just put some of these "c" hooks under the corners of your student tables. Students can easily hang their tool bags from the hooks. Now, the bags are not in the way, This allows easy access to the tools without having to go to a cubby to get them out. Moreover, students carry their individual tool bags to art class, to other classrooms when we collaborate for reading and writing, and while working on group projects in the classroom. What an easy solution, right? Who knew these little hooks could make a teacher's life easier! Wish I would have thought of it! A BIG thank you to my husband for this brilliant idea!

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