Thursday, April 11, 2013

Future Presidents and Famous Americans!

We just completed our ELA Unit 5: American Contributions. During this six week unit, the students had two weeks to complete a Famous American project. Each student drew out the name of a Famous American. Then students had to research their chosen person at home, create a special badge necklace, complete a Quilt Square, and complete a mini conversation project with their Famous American. On the day the projects were due, students wore their special badges and presented their research to the rest of the class. As the students shared, they glued their Quilt Square to "Our Famous American Quilt." We studied American Symbols the first week, then moved onto the Presidents. We focused on George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and our current President. Students worked in small groups to complete a variety of activities and projects with these Famous Americans. I heard of this idea where you create student silhouettes, mount on construction paper, and title the hallway display "Future Presidents." The students also wrote about how "they would be, have, and want" if elected President. These were much easier to do than I originally thought. The most difficult part was cutting out the silhouettes. I will surely do this activity again next year-the students loved it! The development of units and activities that go along with the Common Core Standards are so worth the time and effort that goes into them! I have seen an incredible difference in the way my students think and learn. Hence, that is the motivation that keeps this teacher creating new units! Anything to perhaps make them Famous Americans someday!


  1. What an awesome unit! I especially love the "Future Presidents" silhouette activity! I teach year six in New Zealand which is equivalent to fifth grade over there but there are so many good ideas here that would work even for the older kids!
    x Serena x
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  2. Serena, Thank you kindly for your comment! Yes, indeed, these activities could work for older students as well! Lots of higher level thinking went along with this unit, too! Thanks for checking out my blog! ~Tava :)

  3. Hi there, I just found you from the linky...I'm your newest follower. Love these ideas. Thanks for sharing!
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  4. Thanks Vicky! Let's keep the sharing going! ~Tava :)