Sunday, May 19, 2013

Parent Volunteer Celebration!

The school year is winding down! One more week to go! Classroom Parent Volunteers are such an important part of our class each year. My students and I held a special celebration for all of the parents who were dedicated to working with us each week this school year. The students organized and planned this event with guidance. Each student had a special job to do: speaking, lights, waiters and waitresses, trash pick-up, cards, gifts, etc. We served space-themed cupcakes and punch. The students worked in groups to make each volunteer a thank you card. The volunteers also received a framed picture of their child from the school year with a gift card to a local store. I took pictures of the volunteers working with our class and created a DVD of the school year, which we watched during the celebration, too! With this celebration, the students learn that it is important to thank people that are helpful.

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